ADC Memorial has been collaborating with Lucy Gunderson for a long time now. In recent years, we have partnered with her to publish dozens of human rights documents. Lucy is a top-notch translator specializing in the translation of human rights texts from Russian into English. She has translated a number of ADC Memorial’s reports for the UN and other international organizations (on the topics of the rights of groups in former Soviet countries that face discrimination—Roma, stateless persons, migrants, LGBTI people, and others). When we work with Lucy, we can trust in the high professional quality of her translations, her ability to meet deadlines, and her knowledge of terminology.”

ADC Memorial staff

Lucy was my tutor for the Introduction to Russian-to-English Translation course offered at the University of Chicago’s translation certificate program. In this capacity, she assigned and graded eight texts from a broad array of genres including business, journalism, law, and foreign relations, and provided very sharp edits. She was responsive and knowledgeable, offered helpful strategies, and always encouraged me to rewrite until the text sounded natural in English. Overall, this was much more than an introductory course and inspired my passion for political translation. I would wholeheartedly recommend Lucy as an instructor or an editor!”

Valeriya Yermishova

French and Russian to English translator and UN Précis-Writer

I have been working with Lucy Gunderson for the past three years. During that time she has translated Russian articles for me in various disciplines, including education, politics, and law. With every new job, Lucy impresses me with her professionalism, high-quality translation, and excellent communication skills. I will continue to work with Lucy on other projects and recommend her without hesitation.”

Irina Burns

Taylor & Francis

I searched for a suitable translator to translate my first book (Return to Innocence) into English for a long time. This task—tricky enough in and of itself—was complicated by the specific nature of the text, which was difficult in terms of its artistic content. But, finally, I found Lucy. She had a subtle understanding of the text and the author’s message and ideas and did an inspired job translating this sizeable and complex fabric of the author’s fantasies into English. For me, she is the ideal translator.”

Yuliana Misikova

Lucy Gunderson combines professionalism with a human approach to cooperation: work with her is always pleasant and services provided are timely.”

Julia Ouahnon


It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Lucy Gunderson. Ms. Gunderson possesses outstanding analytical skills and has the remarkable ability to tackle even the most intricate issues with great ease. Her remarkable intercultural competence and willingness to adapt to a new environment is a cornerstone for our successful localization process.

Ms. Gunderson has the invaluable ability to think outside the box and approach problems from different angles – she often comes up with fresh ideas and creative solutions.

She has become a reliable go-to person for many requests within our company. Ms. Gunderson manages not only the usual day-to-day tasks, but also handles exceptional situations with great ease and professionalism. I can always be sure that, if I hand a task to Ms. Gunderson, she will know how to handle it and deliver results quickly.

Ms. Gunderson makes invaluable suggestions on our content adaptation to the US market, helps to compile glossaries and amends our Style Guide. She is a very diligent employee and always maintains a very high quality standard for her work. I am very impressed with which interest Ms. Gunderson digs deeper into specific research questions within her field.

Ms. Gunderson is a very pleasant employee with a very welcoming and friendly character. She would be an asset to any employer and I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue.

Olga Deputatova

Localization Manager Tortuga Social Ltd.