Russophile Translations

crafts Russian to English translations in the fields of
Human Rights
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The Benefits of Working with
Russophile Translations:

I help human rights defenders make their cases to the international community.

They choose me for my:

  • deep understanding of the complexities faced by NGOs in the former Soviet Union
  • comprehensive knowledge of the civil and criminal codes of former Soviet countries, relevant EU laws, and core human rights instruments and mechanisms
  • proven expertise in the areas of minority rights (ethnic, LGBTI, and women’s rights), migration, detention conditions, forced labor, and electoral fraud
  • country specializations in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the Central Asian countries

I help legal professionals by providing accurate and consistent translations so that they can focus on winning cases.

They choose me for my:

  • +10 years’ experience translating court rulings, contracts, laws, and codes
  • familiarity with the constitutions and codes of former Soviet countries
  • understanding of post-Soviet and US judicial systems
  • associate membership in the ABA, which ensures access to the most up-to-date legal news and information

I help academics, journalists, and writers by presenting their research, arguments, and narratives in clear, concise English.

They choose me for my:

  • appreciation of genre differences
  • two published literary translations
  • published translations of academic articles
  • academic background in language and literature

I help agencies meet their clients’ deadlines and grow their client base.

They choose me for my:

  • subject-specific knowledge in human rights and legal translation
  • understanding of how agencies operate and meet their clients’ needs
  • on-time delivery

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